Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hamachi Sushi Rolls

Hamachi Sushi Rolls

Yield: 4 Happy Friends & 1 Happy Blading Chef


Sushi Rice - 2 Cups
Mizkan - Powdered Sushi Mix - 1 Pouch
Hamachi (Yellowtail) - Sashimi Grade - 1 1/2 LBS

1.  Rinse rice thrice or until water runs clear.
2.  Steam 4 cups of water to 2 cups of rice until kernels are cooked.
3.  Allow rice to aerate in a wide bowl to allow steam to evaporate until it is at room temperature.
4.  Fold powdered sushi mix into rice.
5.  Clean Fish accordingly and fold small rice balls into 1 inch pieces.
6.  Lay cleaned pieces of fish over it.

This recipe is extremely loose cause in one of my first vlogs I ran out of camera battery and didn't get to show the mixing process of the spicy tuna rolls as seen above.  I promise that I will improve as I didn't begin vlogging just until recently and wanted to give something that everyone can walk away with and at least try at home.

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Thank you!

- Obe
Blading w/ Chef Knives

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Coastal Charter Sandwiches

Turkey Sandwich

Yield: 4 Each


Ciabatta Bread - 1 ea
Deli Sliced Turkey - 4 oz
Mayonnaise - 2 Tbsp
Arugula - 1/4 cup (or To Taste)
Bacon - 2 ea
For The Pickled Onions
Red Onions, sliced - 1/2 Small ~1/4 Cup
Apple Cider Vinegar - 3/4 Cup
Sugar, Granulated, White - 1/4 Cup
Black Peppercorns - 2 Each
Cloves - 2 Each

To Make Pickled Onions
1.  In a small pot combine the Vinegar & Sugar and bring to a boil or until all of the sugar has dissolved.
2.  Turn off the heat.
3.  Add the Black Peppercorns and Cloves and allow to come to room temperature.  Steep the spices.
4.  Pour over the Sliced Red Onions and pickle up to 1 hour or over night.

To Make Bacon
5.  Place bacon on a sheet pan and cook at 350ยบ for 8 minutes and rotate for another 8 minutes or until at desired crispness.  Remove from heat and allow to cool before handling.

To Make Sandwich
6.  Toast Ciabatta bread and slice horizontal in the center.
7.  Slather mayo on both sides to provide a barrier system from the moisture that the ingredients in the center will provide for an awesome sandwich on the boat.
8.  Begin with Turkey on the Bottom.
9.  Layer Arugula over it.
10. Place bacon and use the other piece of the ciabatta to close the sandwich.  Wrap it for the boat ride.
11.  In a separate sandwich bag place the onions and add right before eating after catching Calico's for several hours.

To see us on the boat check out my YouTube Channel

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Heart of Compassion Food Drive Luxarmor Blade Demo

I went to the Heart of Compassion Food Drive in Montebello, California which is in East Los Angeles on the Saturday before Christmas.  Not knowing what the event was completely about, I went thinking I was just going to skate and was not prepared for the tremendous amount of kids that were at the event.  I brought my new toy, a GoPro, and not knowing how to fix the settings, I filmed everything on the Square settings instead of wide - rookie mistake.  After the kids saw everyone blading, they were very interested in trying our skates.  Thanks to my Xsjado blades, I was able to give a few lessons on my easy to put on skates.  

The Lux Armor boys put some ramps together and did a blade demo for families that were underprivileged and are going through financial hard-times.  These people waited in line for several hours to receive gifts that they are currently unable to afford. Some parents were laid off, and/or are financially in need.  They played games that provided an opportunity to receive toys.  Others were given a free haircut, Christmas trees, and food for dinner to have a proper holiday and hopefully help these families get back to some financial balance.

This was the first christmas I was able to give people the gift of blading.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Juiced Sucka Foos - Brian Krans Bachelor Party

At the time I started this blog, another bad ass writer who has a few publications now, was Brian Krans. His passion for blading was infectious and it was only natural that I was able to collaborate Blading with Chef Knives with his writing situation,

He resided in Norcal and I, in Soulcal so our visits were very few and far between but when we linked up it was Bladerism at its finest. Several years have passed now and we have grown, and with the Juice Sucka Foos it led him to his then fiance, now wife, and they put together a Bachelor party at every Blader's dream skatepark, Woodward West.

I haven't bladed with these guys in their element since the Culinary school days when I lived in Napa, California. Their crew is still going strong, with being one of the coolest websites online, Ivan and ESG being their filmer & photographer with three top pros from Razors, Rollerblade, and Valo.

When you hang with A players it will only naturally charge up your energy and bring out tricks you would never even realize you had. Thanks for being family JSF and keep doing your thing. It brings the best out in people. Much love from Soulcal.

Monday, July 20, 2015


is an amazing photographer who shot this epic spread of me that we released for my most recent interview/conversation I had with Wheelscene.  

After the interview, I felt naked.  I exposed everything, left it all out for everyone else to see.  This is the company I work for, this is my position, and the conversation became a little heated, but, I respect my interviewer, David McNamara, and felt as if he was doing his job to speak for the public.  But, we both spoke from the heart, and I could not have been any more honest.  

I know these things normally are kept behind walls but, I believe for this company, after being in the hands of so many people, it got lost, and I hope now there has been a better discussion with the people who helped me get here, the people who believe in the brand, and blading, and to help them know that the company is on a lifeline but, I hope to help take it in a better direction.  Like all things, Xsjado is rebirthing, and we will continue to try some out of the box things, and find our niche amongst blading, and in all wheel sports. 

Lots can be said about the last photo... 

But, I guess theres a lot of things that can be said about blading in general...